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Luang Prabang - Kuang Si Waterfalls 1 Day

This is a wonderful day hike outside of Luang Prabang with the most famous waterfall in Laos, Tad Kuang Si, as the ultimate highlight! Along the way you will visit local villages, enjoy mountain landscapes, learn about a Fair Trek project site, and many more ... view more
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From the hotel, you will visit the morning Phosi Market is by far the biggest market in Luang Prabang. Three quarters of it is covered, there are several hundred merchants of all kinds proposing a large variety of products. You can find there vegetable gardeners as well as small stalls selling clothes (always in the Chinese style), merchants for health products, dried buffalo skin, local tea, school materials, hardware, etc.

You can find products that come from everywhere, from Laos (not very many manufactured products, except for the well known Beerlao), Chinese and Thai products as well as indirectly, everything that has any relationship whatsoever with food and that comes from local producers.

The smells you come across in this market are very varied. The small amount of air in this area makes the atmosphere heavy, but even so ... it’s the perfect spot to get the feel of the different activities of Luang Prabang and the provinces that surround it. All these gay and happy Laotians, never stop talking and laughing, the huge quantities of products on the stalls held by Laotians who very often speak nothing else but Laotian. All this, plus the incessant comings and goings of the touktouks, make it a market that should not be missed

Laos is also known for its traditional handicrafts, and today you will visit local village of Lao ethnic minority groups at Ban Ouay and Ban Thapene.


We then drive to the beautiful Kuang Si Waterfall where is an exciting forest trail leads you to the end of your trek and your reward - the welcoming and refreshing turquoise pools of Kuang Si Waterfall where we will have plenty of time to relax and swim.

On the way coming back to Luang Prabang, we stop to visit the Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park, one of the must-visit spots, newly opened on January 2014.

Arriving in Luang Prabang, we transfer to Wat Siphouthabath to admire the sunset.

Overnight in Luang Prabang

VALID FROM 11 JAN 2015 until 30 SEP 2015

Tour price in USD net per person in group of
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  VALID FROM 01 OCT 2015 until 19 DEC 2015

Tour price in USD net per person in group of
1 2 3-4 5-6 7-9 10-14 15+1 20+1 25+1 30+1
143 87 68 58 50 46 43 40 39 37