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1. How can I book a tour ?

You can book a tour at the office of Vietnam Travel Top or via internet.

2. What if I have special needs for the tour?

If you have special requirements, for example, if you have a large group or young children, if you are handicapped or have physical limitations, if you have special transportation needs, or if you are vegetarian or have other food allergies – please let us know, and we will work closely with you to ensure that we can meet your needs. 

3. Can I extend my stay?

Yes, you can.  You can extend your stay and pay for extra night charges and other if any. 

4. What is the best time to travel Vietnam?

Any time you can travel Vietnam but The best time to travel Vietnam is from Oct to end of May (Winter and Spring).

5. Do I need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam visa is required for all nationalities except for ASEAN countries, Japan, Korea. And citizens of Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway visiting Vietnam for up to 15 days are exempted from Visas. Vietnam visa is valid for 30 days and is either issued by Vietnamese Embassies or General Consulate abroad, or upon arrival to Vietnam International airports. It is easy to arrange Visa on arrival to Vietnam. The entry visa will be stamped on your passport as you pass through our immigration checkpoint at the airport. To apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, please visit www.vietnamvisaprovider.com.

6. Can I upgrade the tour to a 4 or 5 star hotel?

Yes, you can.  You can upgrade the tour to a 4 or 5 star hotel with an extra charges depending on the hotel rates.  

7. The price is for one person traveling in a group of 3, can I travel alone with the tour?

Yes, you can.  You can pay the price for one single person which is higher.

8. What is your best recommended tour?

Our recommended tour is customized tour as VietnamTravelTop will design the tour to meet your personal needs, interests and budget. What you need is to send us your travel inquiry at info@vietnamtraveltop.com and your private travel consultant at Vietnam Travel Top will work out a perfect tour itinerary for you.

9. What if I need to cancel or change my itinerary? 

Tours usually have certain restrictions. Date change and itinerary change may be subject to charges or even not permitted.

You can change your dates, if needed, at no additional cost as long as you give sufficient advance notice and availability exists.

Cancellations of the tours usually involve a cancellation fee, which depends on how far in advance you cancel.

Please refer to the change or cancellation policy for any particular tour.

10. Can I make a reservation for someone else? 

Yes, you can.  You can make a reservation for someone else. Simply fill in the name and details of the guest for the booking and your contact details. You can also pay by cash or bank transfer for someone else. However, you cannot make a payment for someone else using credit card. The name on the credit card must match the name of the guest.

11. How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

After you make an online booking, we will follow up with you to confirm availability and confirm the booking. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive our follow-up and confirmation email or fax.

12. What about children policy?

Almost of our tour applied below policy, some special tours have a bit different policy.

Kid of 1-5 will be charged 40% of the adult price to cover for the train and flight tickets.

Kid of 6-8 will be charged 75% of the adult price to cover for the train and flight tickets and a bed in room with parents.

9- above: charged as adult price.

13. What currency your prices are in ?

All of the prices on our website are in US Dollar.

14. How many payment methods do you offer and what are they ?

Now we offer 5 payment methods: Cash, Bank transfer, Credit card imprint, Secure PayPal online payment and payment through Western Union.

15. What if I have problems with the tour?

We appreciate feedback from our customers in order to review the quality of these tours to improve our service and avoid any problems and issues arisen on the tours.

If you have a complaint or issue with a tour that you purchase from us, we encourage you to bring it to our attention as quickly as possible so that we can work with you and look into the issue to solve any problem .

16. What if I have special needs for the tour?

If you have special requirements – for example, if you have a large group or young children, or you have infants or the olds in your group, or if you are handicapped or have physical limitations, if you have special transportation needs, or if you are vegetarian or have other food allergies – please let us know, and we can work with both you and the service provider ( restaurant, hotels, transportation …) to ensure that we can meet your needs.

17. Do you offer longer or more customized tours?

You can ask for longer tours or customize your favourite travels with any our tours. Tours on our site http://www.vietnamtraveltop.com are popular tours which can be changed or customized for your needs.

If you have questions about a particular tour or would like a longer or more customized tour, please contact us at info@vietnamtraveltop.com, and our travel experts will help you find your best travel itinerary.

18. How can I trust the quality of the tours that I buy from Vietnam Travel Top?

Vietnam Travel Top is a local travel company which is lead by young, professional and enthusiastic tour operators. We just want to give you the best services in Vietnam, so that you can enjoin the best your traveling time here.

Our organization has selected a team of experienced tour operators, tour leaders, tour guides, drivers … who are all qualified, responsible, smiley and have more than 5 years working in the travel business to keep our service as best as we can.

You can trust you when ask any tourists has joined with Vietnam Travel Top. Or simply, travel with us, we ensure that you will come back next time.

19. Do I need to have any vaccination to enter Vietnam?

No need to take vaccination before entering Vietnam. However, for safety reason and for your health guarantee you should consult with your doctor before traveling. Some tourists may take malaria vaccination. Also, you should bring along insect repellent cream to avoid bitten by mosquitoes at some places.

20. Current exchange rates for Vietnamese money?

When traveling in Vietnam, you can easy find a bank to exchange the money. However, the rates can be slightly different. We advise you to check the rates here: http://vietcombank.com.vn/

21. Can tourists drive a car in Vietnam?

Yes, but you must have proper driving license. However, driving a car in Vietnam is difficult due to bad traffic. We advise you to rent a car and a driver if you want to go somewhere.

22. What is the attitude towards drugs in Vietnam?

The law is strict in Vietnam. The use of illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden, and dealers and persons caught trafficking, whether Vietnamese or foreigner, face execution. Don't risk it under any circumstances!

23. Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?

Yes, a lot! Vietnam has seen a surge in Internet use in recent years. It now has more users than any other country in Southeast Asia. Internet facilities are available at all hotels during your Vietnam holiday.

24. Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?

Yes, but should be a qualified one because exporting an artifact with cultural significance requires an official license. Without a license, anything old is liable to be confiscated at the airport.

25. Can I bargain when buying something in Vietnam?

Bargaining is a must at local markets, open shops, but not at supermarkets. However, bargaining or not depends on what you are going to buy so we advise you to ask your tour guide if convenient.

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